Lost Friendship

All the laughter we shared. All the memories we made.

I wish I could call you and ask you how you’re doing.

What happened to our friendship, it’s all too confusing.

We never realized when we had our last laugh.

We never realized when we took that last photograph.

I miss our friendship.

I know it was all a misconception.

Our paths split and we both went different directions.

I still have all these questions.

You left me all alone.

It still hurts every bone.

I miss you.

I hope you do too.


At times I feel like I’m drowning. At times I feel like I can no longer breath, like my lungs are slowly filling with water. I wonder if I’ve done enough in this life. I wonder if I’ve been the perfect daughter. The world feels lonely and my soul feels empty. The world has left me and I’m only twenty. I close my eyes and admire the stillness of the water. I close my mind and let my heart sink underwater. I am drowning and I wish I could stay. “It’ll be okay” is what they say.